Symphysis Maternity Belt


Misty, Weaverville, CA

"Right at 28 weeks into my fourth pregnancy, I woke up in terrible pain. My lower back felt as though I had been bending over for too long and nothing I did (stretching, moving) would give any relief. I'm not sure what caused it or where it was coming from, but I was so terribly uncomfortable. I tried everything from ice to heat to sleeping sitting up hunched over a table! I started researching maternity belts and was able to get a Symphysis Maternity Belt. I was able to get immediate relief from wearing the belt. I could instantly feel the support and relief in my lower back upon putting it on and it was easy to adjust when going from a sitting to a standing position. I wore it 24 hours a day for two weeks until the back pain subsided. I'm now 40 weeks and have still worn the belt off and on when my lower back pain flares up. Especially when I've been standing for too long or lifting my heaving toddler too much. I'm so grateful I was able to get a Symphysis Maternity Belt, I don't know what I would've done without it!"

Hailey L., Salt Lake City, UT

"I'm only 23 weeks pregnant and already having lower back and pelvic pain. For me, the worst is shopping or being on my feet for a long period of time.  The first time I wore the Symphysis Maternity Belt out shopping my back pain disappeared.  I was able to walk around for over 2 hours pain free.  It was great! It's lightweight and very comfortable.  Not only does it prevent the pain, it took mine away."

Angie S., Seattle, WA

"I am one of those lucky women who had pubic symphysis pain with each of my three pregnancies.  Sadly, the pain in the front of my pelvis continued for a long time after delivery. I was so discouraged that I decided to ask my doctor about it.  He had no real answer and told me that there really isn't much that can be done about it. I couldn't find relief anywhere. I tried physical therapy without much success and any relief that I did find was short-lived. A friend told me about the Symphysis Maternity Belt and it has been a LIFE SAVER! I wear it when I do anything that I know will aggravate the pain. Mostly working out, running, grocery shopping,and being on my feet all day. I sometimes even sleep in it after a really rough day. The compression this belt provides really does keep me from feeling the pain in my pelvis! I think that every postpartum mom who has pubic symphysis or lower back pain during pregnancy, or even after,  should wear this belt. Believe me, it will relieve your pain and prevent you from aggravating it further. I WISH I had known about this earlier. I could have avoided months, maybe years of pain.  I am so grateful that I know about it now!"

Heather, Savannah, GA

"I received my belt yesterday. I cannot believe what a difference it has made! Going grocery shopping was so much easier because it wasn't painful for me to walk the aisles and push the cart! My pelvic pain was unbelievable from week 20 until I gave birth to my last baby. I am now 21 weeks have been suffering for several weeks. I was just amazed and thrilled at how much instant relief I felt when I put the belt on! It took a few minutes for me to make sure it was positioned correctly and then to get it to the correct tightness, but it is just amazing. I think I might actually sleep in it, since the majority of my pain happens in bed at night when I try to roll over or get up. Thank you so much for a product that actually works! I will gladly recommend this product to all of my friends who are going through the same pain as me and keep hearing from their doctor that it's normal."

Allison R., Redding, CA

"Four years ago I struggled through my first pregnancy with nearly all of the classic symptoms of Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction. I was in pain all day but especially while pushing a shopping cart, crossing my legs while sitting, changing positions at night while trying to sleep, and the worst- picking up my feet in an attempt to put on pants!!  Ironically, as a labor and delivery nurse, I knew very little regarding this condition. My obstetrician wrote it off as the normal "aches and pains of pregnancy," and so I forged on trying other products that promised relief. The belly bras and supportive belts provided little to no relief. 

As I stared down at my positive pregnancy test, in early June of this year, my excitement was overshadowed by the thought of having to endure another painful pregnancy. I clung to the statement that "every pregnancy is different" and maybe the second time around I would sail through painlessly like so many of my patients and own personal friends. My optimism was short lived. Not only did the excruciating pelvic pain return, but it came on so much sooner and far more intensely than with the first pregnancy. This was shaping up to be a long 40 weeks.

Fortunately, I have the privilege of working with an amazing physician, who noticed the pain I was experiencing while working. He told me about Pubic Symphysis Dysfunction and strongly recommended the Symphysis Maternity Belt as a solution for my pain. Fed up with my pelvic pain, I immediately jumped at the opportunity of finding some relief.

I now wear the Symphysis Maternity Belt daily. It is easy to adjust on my (ever expanding) hips and can be loosened with one hand while changing from standing to sitting positions (especially getting into and out of the car.) It is thin enough to wear under clothing, however I prefer wearing mine over my clothing. My family recently spent 3 crazy days in Disneyland. We averaged 10-12 miles of walking every day and my hips never hurt (the same can not be said for my poor feet, however!) I also wear the belt at night and have found that it almost provides a period of healing. I feel completely "normal" in the mornings after wearing the belt at night.

A huge thank you for this product. Every pregnant mom suffering from pelvic pain should use your wonderful belt. It has revolutionized my pregnancy. Truly, it was a Godsend!"